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Date: Monday 06th April 2020

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Sorry I haven't had much time to create any free extensions in awhile mainly because I have been creating premium ones. The main reason for ...
Just got finished with premium mod called Social Tool Bar. The Social Tool Bar mod was an idea given to me by Jorge at It is a ...
The all new Best-Byte is finally finished. Hopefully I got all of the old sites user data imported into the new site ok, but just in case you ca ...
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Welcome to Best-Byte!

We provide free and premium extensions for OpenCart. We also provide OpenCart installation, template installation, module installation and template customization.  All of our premium extensions come with free installation, support and upgrades. Please contact us for a quote on price for any custom theme work you want done.

Want the absolute best website host for OpenCart? My provider is offering for a limited time, website hosting and domain name with unlimited everything for only $9.95 a year! I have tried many other hosts and they are simply the best. I have been using them for the past few years and all I can say is WOW are they great! Give them a try you will be happy that you did. Use this link to get the special offer: SiteGround

OpenCart is a free, Open Source, eCommerce Shopping Cart and Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL, for creating and managing a store (or stores) for your business online. With it you can sell (or give away) any physical or digital product.

There are many reasons why you should use OpenCart over it's competitors and here are a just few of them. It's the easiest to use and customize, has lots of free and premium themes and modules available for it and it looks and works great. It comes with all of the features you will need built in to it already and any extra features you may want are obtainable. There is a large and growing community to help you with problems or questions on their forum and their web site has good help and documentation. It is constantly being developed with new features being added, has clean code and very little bugs. Don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and compare it with their competitors and you will see that OpenCart is the best solution for eCommerce online. You can try a demonstration and download it for free at

OpenCart Installation
OpenCart Installation
The instalation includes a compatibility check of your server, database creation, instalation of .. More Info
Template/Module Installation
Template/Module Installation
The installation includes installing a normal template or module of your choice (Best-Byte extens.. More Info
Custom Theme Design
Custom Theme Design
For customizing an existing OpenCart template or creating a custom template for you, please conta.. More Info
All Product Mods Deck Slider vQmod
All Product Mods Deck Slider vQmod
$8.00 $5.00
All Product Mods Feature Carousel vQmod
All Product Mods Feature Carousel vQmod
$8.00 $5.00
All Product Mods Vertical Slider vQmod
All Product Mods Vertical Slider vQmod
$8.00 $5.00
Vertical Slide Categories vQmod
Vertical Slide Categories vQmod
$8.00 $5.00


Cloud Zoom vQmod
Powered By OpenCart Removal vQmod
prettyPhoto - Lightbox Clone - vQmod
Zoho Sliding Chat - Live Support
Tell a Friend Form
Price Free For Zero Amount - vQmod
Google Translate
Add 2 Cart Go 2 Cart - vQmod
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Tab Slides vQmod
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