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Cycle Products Pro

Brand: OpenCart
Product Code: oc-premium-mod
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Price: $15.00
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Opencart Versions thru 1.5.6.x
This extension allows you to cycle your products like a slideshow with special effects for your chosen products.
* You can select any and as many products as you like to be in the modules.
* Features for animations include 31 Easing methods, 25 Animation methods, show controls, stop after X transitions and the number to stop after, pause animition when hovering on product, time to move from one product to another, delay time for transition to start and show products in random order. 
* Features for products include height and width, top and bottom margins, background color, border around products and image and border radius, color for name, price, old price and new price, font size for name and price and show Add to Cart button or not.
* Module features include an Autocomplete selection of your products, custom header, module content to display (Content for 1, 2 or 3 different modules), product limit, image width and height, layout, position, status and sort order.
* You can have up to 3 modules per page and can have them on as many pages as you like.
* Detailed instructions included in download.
* Free installation and support.

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