New premium mod

Just got finished with premium mod called Social Tool Bar. The Social Tool Bar mod was an idea given to me by Jorge at It is a very customizable tool bar that comes with 13 different themes and the ability to easily create your own. Unlike the hosted ones like Wibiya etc. you host it and have full control over every aspect of it. In the admin there are links to all the free services. Just sign-up and enter the required codes there for them, choose your theme and select which pages to have it displayed on. The included services for the tool bar are FeedBurner, Lockerz Share, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, CoolIris for YouTube or any selected photo/video sharing service, FoxyForm contact form, translation service and links that you can add or remove by editing the .tpl file. You can also add or remove any services.which are buttons on the tool bar. Change text, icons, colors and graphics. Just about everything can be customized to your liking. Uses prettyPhoto in gallery mode for the services that you can cycle through in manual or auto mode. Has a toggle display/hide feature. Check out the demo here and let me know what you think:

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