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Sliding Ajax Login and Contact

Brand: OpenCart
Product Code: oc-premium-mod
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Opencart Versions 1.5.3.x, 1.5.4.x,, 1.5.6.x
vQmod Versions > or = 2.1 (required for javascript in header)
vQmod not required if you place javascript in header manually
This extension adds a sliding ajax login and or contact form to the left, right, top or bottm of the screen.
Fully customizable with many options to choose located in the admin.
* Admin controlled. Select form, add to any page and enable or disable.
* Box options include display on left, right, top or bottom, height, width, text and background color, border and padding. 
* Tab options include image name, height, width, position from top and position from left.
* Behaviour options include speed of slide, trigger action on click or hover, fixed position or not and load expanded or not.
* Login includes option to have customer stay on same page, redirect to account page or redirect to home page after login.
* After successful login the login form changes to you are logged in as name with logout and account links.
* Automatically fills in name and email address in contact form for logged in customers.
* Both the login and contact forms use Ajax for error reporting and submission.
* You can easily use your own tabs. Place their image in the folder, input their dimensions and input their name.  
* Detailed instructions included in download.
* Free installation and support.
March 24th, 2014
Version 2.1
Added language entries for placeholders. Moved error and confirmation messages from top to bottom.
March 13th, 2014
Version 2.0
Redesigned extension and added more options and features. Added ability to use both a sliding login and contact together. 
Added Ajax to forms. Changed tab images. Dropped support for OC versions less than 1.5.3.
January 18th, 2012
Version 1.0
Initial Release

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