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Sliding Shopping Cart 151x

Brand: OpenCart
Product Code: oc-premium-mod
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $5.00
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Opencart Versions 1.5.1.x
vQmod Versions > or = 2.1 (required for css in header and product.tpl edit)
vQmod not required if you place css in header and edit product.tpl file manually
This module adds a side shopping cart that is fixed in place with the scrolling of the page.
Hovering on shopping cart icon slides out module to reveal the shopping cart.
* Admin controlled. Display on left or right side, add to any page and enable or disable.
* Cart shows product pic, name, quantity, amounts, options and vouchers. 
* Has delete product, view cart and checkout buttons.
* Deleting product pops up a confirmation message asking to confirm deletion.
* Do not need to refresh page after adding to cart. Works with and like the default shopping cart. 
* Shopping cart icon that you hover on can be easily changed to any graphic you want.
* Detailed instructions included in download.
* Free installation and support.
Thanks to opencart-templates.co.uk for the use of their shopping cart code to make this mod.

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